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Take Your Place Amongst the Stars

Members of the Star Society are passionate and forward-thinking. They have made a long-term pledge to ATC, which allows us to plan for the future. Without the leadership and generosity of these Stars, we could not have successfully made the move to our new location, nor continue to produce the bold and innovative works that have been part of our cultural community for decades. By committing to contribute at least $1000 each year for three consecutive years, you can take your place amongst the stars!

We thank our Silver Stars with preferred access to the art they love and the artists that make it happen. With events such as BEHIND THE SCENES WITH HEDWIG, where Clay Smith walked us through the transformation of Billy Ensley into HEDWIG, there’s always something to look forward to.

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Current Members

Shining Stars ($3,000+)

  • Ruth & Richard Ault
  • Karen Bernhardt & Marc Tiegel
  • Lynne & Ed Boswell
  • Melda Burleson & Jim Putnam
  • Catherine & Wilton Connor
  • Cynthia & David Crane
  • Lenore & Lance Deutsch
  • Rob Swaringen

Silver Star ($1,000+)

  • Julie & Mike Andreacola
    Virgil Bonneau & Joseph Brunet
    Heather Bard
    Ann Marie Costa
    Bruce Clayton
    Ken Davis & Brian Crutchfield
    Diane & Hal Davis
    Taffy & Chip Decker
    Jess Dienna
    Libby Edwards & Clayton Owens
    Madhu Engineer
    Elizabeth & Bernie Funck
    Kari & Jonathan Halkyard
    Kathy & Carl Hixon
    Elizabeth & William Isenhour
    Margaux & Adam Karagosian
    Virginia Kern
    Ann Kimbro & Mark Smith
    Barbara Laughlin
    Cynthia & Randy Matz
    Merrie & Peter McGrath
    Annamarie Medvid
    Ginger & Randy Mendat
    Darlyne Menscer
    Marie Mitchell
    Suzy & John Nurkin
    Lena Nelson
    Nancy Olah & Bill Pace
    Shannon & Rob Reichley
    Susan Remer
    Bennett & Steve Rich
    Carol Sawyer & Tom Hanchett
    Ruth & John Scherr
    Anne & Steve Schmitt
    Phyllis Schultz & Matt Gromet
    Trisha & John Schwabacher
    Elaine St. Anne
    Becka & David Tait
    Liliana Wendorff
    Veronica Westendorff & David Graham
    Ginger White
    Liz Willison
    Chris Ziegler

Membership Levels

Silver Star (Level 1)

$1,000 annual contribution for 3 years.

  1. Special recognition in our playbills.
  2. Two extra tickets to the play of your choice (simply call the Development Director to reserve).
  3. Concierge Service for Flex Pass reservations.
  4. Reserved seating at performances for members and up to two guests.
  5. Invitations to exclusive Silver Star Society events like sneak peeks behind the scenes.

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Shining Star (Level 2)

$3,000 annual contribution for 3 years.

  1. Above benefits, plus:
  2. Four extra tickets to the play of your choice.
  3. Reserved Seats for members and a total of four guests.

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Super Star (Level 3)

$5,000 annual contribution for 3 years.

  1. Above benefits, plus:
  2. Additional, customized benefits based on your needs!

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