In The Box Entertainment brings you new way to enjoy LIVE and INTERACTIVE entertainment from the comfort of your home!

Throughout the year, In The Box Entertainment will be offering 4 different LIVE online shows that are fun, family-friendly, and sure to be a break from your current Netflix binge. Not only does your ticket purchase get you access to the live show, but prior to the performance you’ll receive an actual BOX in the mail containing everything you’ll need for the show to become a completely interactive experience! Even though ATC is not producing these shows, we’re fully involved with the process and we know you’ll enjoy the experience that In The Box has to offer!

* Due to shipping time, tickets purchased within 7 days of a performance will not come with a box and the price will be discounted.

FAQs About In The Box

We can’t tell or it’ll ruin the fun! But, in general, you’ll receive items that allow you to interact with the shows and create an immersive experience in your own home. For Mystery in a Box, that means clues and decoders. For Magic in a Box, that means cards and predictions. For the cruise it means things that will allow you to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation in your living room. Stuff like that! Part of the excitement is not knowing what you’ll get or what the experience will be!

Okay okay! Here’s a taste of what an In The Box experience is like…

Imagine signing up for our Living Room Cruise Line where we send you A Cruise In A Box. It’ll arrive in the mail (the real, physical mail) prior to your scheduled departure. In it you’ll find things like a pocket fan, a tiny umbrella to put in your drink, and other important items to set the mood. Your ticket is your boarding pass to an exclusive live Zoom room where our ukulele-playing Cruise Director welcomes you and your shipmates!

As you set sail for your first tropical destination, you might find yourself tasting a local delicacy from your upcoming port. Along the way, there’s plenty of shipboard entertainment to experience as our Cruise Director introduces you to singers, magicians, comedians, and more. Or perhaps Shipboard Bingo is more your speed, where you can relax and stamp those bingo cards (which we’ve provided) as the artificial wind blows across your face. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget, especially since there’ll be a towel animal (that we’ll teach you to make) waiting on your bed later that night!

Each of the shows create an interactive and unique live experience just like this one.

Because these are co-productions that come with the bells and whistles of a mailed kit, tickets to these shows cannot be applied to your Flex Pass but all Flex Pass holders will receive $5 off each ticket!

Make sure you get your tickets early so your box has plenty of time to ship! Boxes should ship about two weeks before your show date and you will receive an email from In The Box Entertainment with a tracking number (be sure to check your spam folder too.) But remember, you can’t open the box until showtime!

* Tickets purchased within 7 days of a performance will not come with a box and the price will be discounted.

The shows are designed to have elements in the box that you can interact with. For example, you may participate in a card trick for the magic show, learn how to make a towel animal on the cruise, solve a clue in the Manhunt, or paint a masterpiece during Painting for One. But this is NOT like a murder mystery party where you have to interact with characters and pretend to be one yourself. At no point will you be asked to play a role.

These are live events. Think of it like theater in your home. You’re purchasing a ticket to a show with a specific date and time so you’ll need to be on time! Some footage might be pre-recorded (e.g. security cam footage in the Mystery Box), but all will have a live element with paid actors and a behind-the-scenes tech crew.

You may request a refund at any time prior to your box being shipped. After that point, you can still get a refund for the price of the ticket minus the cost of the box. You may request an exchange for another date for the same event at any time.

Nope! You just need a device to watch on, reliable internet access, and an email address. All of our shows use Zoom, which you do not need to download or sign up for in order to participate. You simply click on the link that will be emailed to you and enter the code at showtime. If your internet goes our or you have any technical issues then let us know and we’ll get you a ticket to another performance.

It depends. We’ve done everything we can to keep these experiences as affordable as possible so everyone can get a box. We recommend getting one for each person if each of you want to experience the fun first-hand (sharing is overrated). But yeah, you totally save money by purchasing just one if needed. Please note that for Paint in a Box we HIGHLY recommend you purchase one per person so that each viewer can have the fun of painting along with the show.

ATC is partnering with In The Box Entertainment for these events. When you purchase your tickets from our website, a portion of your money will go to In The Box to cover the cost of the items in your box, as well as shipping and handling. The remainder goes to ATC and helps us continue to bring you exciting content!

Mystery in a Box

You buy a ticket. You’re delivered a box. Inside the box, you find a variety of objects, along with an invitation… beckoning you to solve a mysterious puzzle. You accept the invitation, and are connected online to a detective who needs the clues in your box to start connecting the pieces… but… the pieces to what?

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Paint in a Box

It’s time for Andy and Laura’s Painting for Two – the BEST paint-a-long instructional show on public access WBPP! By signing up for this week’s show, you’ve received your canvas and paints in the mail, and you’ll be following along with Andy and Laura to make it a masterpiece in a night where wine and canvas meets live theatre.

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About The Shows

Magic in a Box

World-renowned mentalist, Max Major, will read your mind from across the screen. With an uncanny ability to predict thoughts and control the actions of others, this “real-life Sherlock Holmes” leads at-home audiences through an intimate and fully interactive journey – together they discover the power of virtual connection made possible through hypnosis and mentalism.

This event has ended.

Cruise in a Box

Your ticket buys you passage on this not-so-nautical adventure, along with a special “SHIPment” – filled with everything you’d expect from a luxury cruise liner. Join your Live Virtual Cruise Director for a night of world-class Shipboard entertainment and variety performances as you sail across the globe – all from your own couch!

This event has ended.

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