If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be A Muhfucka

byTori Sampson
Jul 27Aug 20, 2022

About the Show

In a mashup of West African folklore and contemporary American culture, this provocative, hilarious new play follows four teenage girls as they grapple with societal definitions of beauty. When Akim’s classmates decide they’ll be damned before they let her be the leading lady in the story, the frenemies jockey for their rank in a culture built on ideals forever out of reach. Brimming with live music and dance, this play doesn’t ask the question “How much is beauty worth?” but rather, “Why are so many willing to pay its price?”

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ATC @ the Hadley Theatre
2132 Radcliffe Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28207

Content Notice

This show contains mature themes and language.
Recommended age is 13+

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