Cost Of Living

Feb 27Mar 21, 2020
By:Martyna Majok

Examine privilege and human connection through two pairs of mismatched individuals: a former trucker and his recently paralyzed ex-wife; and an arrogant young man with cerebral palsy and his new caregiver.

COST OF LIVING is the story of four very different people, in four very different circumstances, each trying to get by. Eddie, an unemployed truck driver, reunites with his ex-wife Ani after she suffers a devastating accident. John, a brilliant and witty doctoral student, hires over-worked Jess, a caregiver. As their lives intersect, Martyna Majok’s play delves into the chasm between abundance and need and explores the space where bodies — abled and disabled — meet each other.

CONTENT: This show contains nudity.

RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 40 minutes with no intermission

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