Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson)

byRachel Lynett
Mar 23Apr 15, 2023


An experimental dark comedy set on the heels of a fictional second Civil War, in an all-Black state established to protect “Blackness.” It’s a utopia, but enforcing utopia proves to be tricky when it comes to defining who is Black and who isn’t. Questions of safety and protection arise as the community confronts, within itself, the intersection of race, ethnicity, culture, and sexuality. Who belongs and why do we shut people out?

Event Details


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Public ticket sales begin Friday, May 27th.

Run Time

90min, one 15min intermission


ATC @ the Hadley Theatre
2132 Radcliffe Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28207

Content Notice

This show contains mature themes and language.
Recommended age is 16+
Subject matter includes race relations and LGBTQ+ issues.

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