Charlotte Black Pride partners with ATC for IF PRETTY HURTS

Charlotte Black Pride has signed on as the official promotional partner of IF PRETTY HURTS UGLY MUST BE A MUHFUCKA, by Tori Sampson

Charlotte Black Pride is a Charlotte, NC, organization dedicated to empowering the hearts, minds, and spirits of all LGBTQIA people while embracing diversity, uplifting the community, and working to bring social change. CBP promotes LGBTQIA pride primarily for, but not limited to, members of the Black community, while building social awareness, embracing spirituality, and celebrating the diversity that exists within our community.

Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte is especially excited to partner with Charlotte Black Pride for IF PRETTY HURTS UGLY MUST BE A MUHFUCKA, a show which addresses how we, rather than valuing the power of our individuality above all else, may use culturally ingrained concepts of correct behavior and standardized beauty to judge our own identity and appearance.

IF PRETTY HURTS UGLY MUST BE A MUHFUCKA is running this July 27-August 20 at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. You can purchase tickets here.

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