Ivanna Osma

Ivanna Osma is a Georgia State University graduate with a degree in Theatre Performance and Psychology. She is a represented Atlanta based actress that recently moved to Charlotte. Ivanna now works as a vet assistant and enjoys trips to the dog park while she’s not on stage. Ivanna has been acting for 14 years and is currently pursuing a career in film and television. Her most recent performance was the role of Mrs. Shields in Newnan Community Theatre Company’s production of A CHRISTMAS STORY. Ivanna’s father is from Colombia and her mom is from Puerto Rico. She is honored to work on this piece and to represent her hispanic heritage. Ivanna is proud her culture is being recognized as the passionate, dramatic, and lovable mess it is (and always has been). This cast and crew has been amazing to collaborate with. Ivanna is so excited to perform at ATC for the first time and hopes to continue working with these lovely people!

PS: Adobo is her favorite all purpose seasoning. Hispanics put that on everything!

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