Now accepting submissions for the following musicals:

by Chris D’Arienzo and arrangements by Ethan Popp
Director Chip Decker
Musical Director Willis Hickerson
Casting 9 performers
Rehearsals begin July 7, 2021
Run Dates July 28 – August 21, 2021

Songs by The Go-Go’s
Based on The Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney
Conceived & Original Book by Jeff Whitty
Adapted by James Magruder
Director TBA
Musical Director Zachary Tarlton
Casting 8 performers
Rehearsals begin August 9, 2021
Run Dates September 1 – 25, 2021

By Richard O’Brien
Director TBA
Musical Director TBA
Casting 9 performers
Rehearsals begin September 13, 2021
Run dates October 6 – 31, 2021

Things to know before submitting

  • All productions will be performed on an outdoor stage with social distancing (both for performers and patrons). No face shields/masks for performers. For those who are able, we strongly encourage all performers to receive full vaccination before June 21.
  • Rehearsals will take place weeknights (typically 6pm-10pm) and weekends (times vary) at the Hadley Theatre, located at 2211 Wellesley Ave.
  • Performances will take place outdoors at 8300 Monroe Rd. All performances will be 8pm. Visit our website to see full production schedule:
  • Please be aware that Actor’s Theatre does NOT currently have housing available for out of town performers.
  • All actors will be paid a rate of $200/wk
  • Performers of all races, ethnicities, sizes, and abilities are encouraged to apply! Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte endorses the goals of diversity, inclusion, and the principles of equal opportunity for all who work in the theatre industry. Moving into Season 33, we embrace Identity-Conscious casting, giving notable reverence to the race, ethnicity, and gender identity of performers.
  • Casting for ROCK OF AGES will be finalized by June 1. You will be notified, one way or the other, on or before this time.
  • Casting for the remaining productions will be finalized by June 16. You will be notified, one way or the other, on or before this time.
  • Due to overlapping schedules, if cast in HEAD OVER HEELS, you will be unable to also participate in ROCK OF AGES or ROCKY HORROR. (Vice versa also true)
  • All submissions must be received by 5pm Tuesday, May 25.( NOW EXTENDED THROUGH SUNDAY, MAY 30)

How to Submit

Step 1: Prepare a Video(s).

All auditions must be submitted via video. Please record at least 1 musical number below from EACH production for which you wish to be considered. (Yes, you can submit multiple songs if you like!) These video auditions for each show may be submitted as individual files or as one continuous audition.

ROCK OF AGES audition options (pick at least one):

HEAD OVER HEELS audition options (pick at least one):

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW audition options (pick at least one):

Step 2: Fill out the audition form

You must complete the audition form found here: ATC Auditions 2021
Once you fill out the form, you will have the freedom to edit your answers, as well as load more videos. Please note, you cannot delete videos once uploaded.

Step 3: Attach resume and video submission(s) to the audition form

In order to do this, you must be signed into a Google account. If you have any questions, or are unable to upload the appropriate files, please send all info via email to Production Manager Carrie Cranford at All submissions must be received by 5pm Tuesday, May 25.( NOW EXTENDED THROUGH SUNDAY, MAY 30)

Roles Available by Production

(Pronoun preferences for each character are included. All actors are encouraged to audition for any role which they feel they can accurately embody.)


Casting 9 performers over age 18. Roles are available for strong pop/rock vocalists, with or without dance experience. Performers need to rock us like a hurricane!
Lonny: (He/They) 20s-40s. Vocal range: D3-D5 The narrator. Mischievous and charming. A guy who would be fun to spend one drunken night with. Strong comedic timing/improv skills, and strong rock vocals. 
Drew: (He/Him) 20s. Vocal range: Db3-D5. High energy young man who wants to be a rock star.
Sherrie: (She/Her) 20s. Vocal range: G3-F5. Young woman with big dreams.
Dennis: (He/Him) 20s-40’s. Vocal range: D3-G4. A laid back, easy going dude.
Stacee Jaxx: (He/She/They) 20s-40s. Vocal range: C3-Eb5 The ultimate rocker. They are all about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. 
Justice: (She/Her) 20s-40s. Black woman. Vocal Range: G3-Db5. Commanding presence. Strong vocals and belt. 
Hertz Klinemann: (He/She/They) 30s-60s. Vocal Range: F3-G#4. They are the “villain”. German accent.
Franz Klinemann: (He/She/They) 20s-30s. Vocal Range: Db3-E5. Shy, gentle with a big heart. Strong falsetto. German accent.
Regina: (She/They) 20s-30s. Vocal Range: A3-Eb5. A hilarious, tree-hugging fighter who will stop at nothing to protect the Sunset Strip. 


Casting 8 performers over age 18. All cast members must have strong pop/rock vocals and be proficient with classical text.
Musidorus: (He/Him) 20s. Young lover. Tenor.
Philoclea: (She/Her) 20s. Young lover. Soprano.
Pamela: (She/Her) 20s-30s. A non-traditional beauty. Mezzo-Soprano. Strong belt.
Basilus: (He/Him) 30s-50s. King. Tenor.
Dametas: (He/She/They) 30s-50s. King’s right hand. Baritone.
Mopsa: (She/Her) 20s-30s. Pamela’s lady in waiting. Mezzo-Soprano.
Gynecia: (She/Her) 30s-50s. Queen. Alto.
Pythio: (She/They) 20s-50s. Oracle. Mysterious and Demanding. Casting preference for Genderqueer performer.


Casting 9 performers over age 18.
Narrator: Old fart. Vocal audition not required, but please do submit via form above.
Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter: (He/She/They) 20s-50s. Charismatic scientist who delights in lurid sexuality. Casting preference for Genderqueer performer. Baritone/Tenor.
Brad Majors: (He/Him) 20s-30s. Youthful wholesome man who expands his horizons. Tenor.
Janet Weiss: (She/Her) 20s-30s. Youthful shy woman who finds her kinks. Mezzo with belt.
Riff Raff: (He/She/They) 20s-40s. Strange and Mysterious. Strong rock Tenor.
Magenta: (He/She/They) 20s-40s. Strange and Mysterious. Mezzo-Alto.
Columbia: (She/They) 20s-40s. Colorful and bubbly. Tap dancing required. 
Rocky: (He/Him) 20s-30s. “The Perfect Man” created by Frank. Rock Baritone/Tenor.
Eddie/Dr. Scott: (He/She/They) 20s-40s. Performer is both Eddie the motorcycle rocker and Dr. Scott the German professor. Strong rock tenor.


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ATC Hiring Policy

To best demonstrate our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we encourage all actors to audition for any role they feel that they can fully embody. While we recognize that there can be no interference with the artistic integrity or contractual rights of the author, we commit ourselves to the principles of equal opportunity in all of its practices.

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