On February 5th, 2020, Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte issued a call for help. After 31 wonderful seasons, but 3 treacherous years of movement around Charlotte, we were at risk of closing our doors at the end of the season. We implemented a 100 Day Action Plan to not just get ATC back on solid financial ground, but ensure continued success and growth for future seasons.

At the end of 100 days, Actor’s Theatre will have completed 100 conversations around our current situation in efforts to not just revive, but sustain our mission of producing contemporary, thought-provoking works of theatre and paying artists a living wage. These 100 conversations will involve speaking with potential and current donors, cultivating corporate sponsorships, increasing awareness through media coverage, and some exciting fundraising events.

How can you help?

In the first 7 of our 100 days, ATC raised over $70,000 – mostly in small donations of $100 or less! It’s true what they say: every little bit helps. Our goal is $200,000 at the end of 100 days. You can donate now by clicking here, or Text “ATC10” to 44321.

Come see a show! We have two wonderful shows left in our current season, buy a ticket and bring a friend. Click here to check out Season 31!

Spread the word! ATC is the only small, professional theatre in Charlotte focused on contemporary works for adults. We produce plays and musicals that are offbeat, thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, and always conversation-worthy. We pay our artists a living wage, helping keep the local arts scene alive in the Queen City. Theatre builds community and creates empathy – art should be celebrated!

Attend a fundraising event! 4 Fundraisers in 4 weeks! There are some spectacular artists in town who are getting together to perform on behalf of ATC. Check out all the goings-on below!

ATC at Middle C

Sunday, March 15
at Middle C Jazz
Tickets: $26

Some of ATC’s most talented performers share their favorite songs from past musicals and upcoming shows, sprinkled with comedy and storytelling. In support of Arts Enthusiast, ATC Board Member, and Middle C Co-Owner David Crane. Two set times to choose from: 4:00pm and 6:30pm!

Karaoke Roulette

Monday, March 16th @ 7:00PM
at Free Range Brewing
Tickets: $15 advance

Forget your perfectly choreographed routine of “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. This twist on classic karaoke levels the playing field by having you spin for your song. Whatever song you land on, we’ll be here to cheer you on!


Led by Chester Shepherd
Saturday, February 29th @ 8:00PM
at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte
Tickets: $10

Join some of your favorite ATC performers like you’ve never seen them before: Unrehearsed and unbelievable funny! Armed with only a scroll containing their own lines and cues, actors perform an entire play without any rehearsal. Before taking the stage, they won’t even know who plays which character. They’ll have to rely on clues in the text and quick wits to tell the story. Unrehearsed Shakespeare is a spontaneous, one-time-only production that will literally never be seen again!

This event is sponsored in part by NoDa Brewing Company.


by Ryan and Anthony Stamey
Saturday, March 7th @ 8:00PM
at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte
Tickets: $25

You’ve just awakened only to find you’re dead and have gone to Hell. Now what? Luckily, the dynamic demonic duo, Robyn O’Ladies (ATC Alum, Ryan Stamey) and Charlotte Douglas (Anthony Stamey), are fully prepared to give you an extremely warm welcome to the lake of fire. Using their powers of song, harmony, and all-original parodies, they’ll introduce you to your new eternal home while giving you a comprehensive rundown of what to expect in the great beyond. It’s sure to be one hell of a good time! These tickets will sell out fast so don’t wait to get in on this devilish fun!

This event is sponsored in part by NoDa Brewing Company.

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Actor's Theatre of Charlotte is permanently closed. For more information, please see the official news release and FAQ. Please support your local theatre companies and we wish you all the very best.